Christmas Day

Last night I walked under the star studded sky to midnight mass. The moon was gloriously full, the sky was clear yet thick and dark like a velvety blanket.

How wonderful it felt stood in church as the clock ticked over to Christmas Day, here all of us were celebrating the birth of our saviour, our Lord Jesus Christ.

My voice seemed clearer last night, I sang that little bit louder, I stood up and read the reading. How honoured I felt to read the prophet Isaiah’s words. Words from the very same book that affirmed my call to follow Jesus from the very place I now stood.
I remember holding my new bible and praying over it, asking the Lord to help me start reading his word. The book fell open to Isaiah, and I started to read. The day after, my Vicar read the same passage and I promised to God I would listen. 

Merry Christmas everyone, wishing you all every blessing, our saviour is born!



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