Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your peopleĀ 

I procrastinated again today, I have work to finish for uni but I am distracted by good news I received regarding my vocation. I’m taking more steps that could lead me to the Bishop’s Advisory Panel in the new year, including a request from my ADDO to do a three month placement in another parish over summer.

I’m still amazed by all this, God is a God of surprises and looking back at this time last year approaching Pentecost, I was excitedly awaiting the baptism of my children and the Holy Spirit filling the hearts of my family. The spirit is warm like a  hot chocolate at the end of the day, like a hug from a dear friend, the warmth of a blanket enveloping your weary self. The spirit is also a spark that alights the fire within, the fire that glows which awakens our senses to feel his presence, to guide us and show us the way we as walk behind him. 

I feel like a small child as I walk with him, having to take one or two extra steps to his calm strides, sometimes he will turn his head to look at me and I catch a glimpse of him, I smile and whip my head back forward as I trot along. Sometimes I fall behind, maybe I stumble on the rocky track but he slows down and offers his hand to help me up, I dust myself off and continue to walk. His patience and endless love decorates the journey with beautiful light, a dome that shines above us, as we walk he shows me the roots of ground and the wonder of the waves. Waves that are as high as the eye can see, the sound, a roaring sound that I’ve never heard before, the tips of the waves splashing my face in cool water, I watch in fear and in wonder, are we safe Lord? Of course we are, we move on as the seas quieten at his command, I sit on a boat as I watch the sea from where we’ve come from, he asks me what I think of what I’ve seen, we eat off a shared plate and I declare my love and service.

Today I procrastinated by taking in the beauty of our world around us, my husband took me on a tour of pretty churches he’d seen that he knew I’d love. 

The spirit is with us, come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your people.