The armour of light

The sunsets have been amazing this week. I drive to pick up my eldest from her secondary school at 3:45pm and as we are about to head home, we are greeted by a blanket of golden light. The sun hangs in the sky like a ripe fruit on a branch, it is so near the ground, yet is suspended in the air, engorged and filled with colour. The golden light engulfs the streets, and as we are on a hill the town below us is a haze of shadow and every possible shade of orange that our eyes can see. When I turn down a particular street the car is illuminated inside, we all are suddenly part of this wonderful transition from day into night. It makes driving a little difficult as I’m relying on my eyes to distinguish where the road is, yet my mind is dancing in the sunset.

I sometimes feel like following Jesus is a mixture of being amazed by his glorious light and also dazzled and disorientated. I’ve had times this month where I have felt completely confused by where I am being guided to be. I often feel burdened by blind faith. I have had times of resilience where I don’t think I can give or take anymore, yet just around the corner is a blast of the light and I remember I can keep moving forward. There is an indescribable feeling of knowing and walking with Jesus yet we can be dazzled and feel worried that we cannot see where we are going! 

But that’s what it’s all about! It’s not about us being in control (and I’m not talking about driving here) it’s about having the strength to open ourselves up to the will of God and the resting is his plans. To take courage that he will cover us with his wing and we will feel safe and loved by his guiding hand. 

In times of resilience or times of waiting, I remember to start my day with Christ. How can we face a challenging time of our lives without him? When I am sad or feeling lost, when I feel like I can’t take anymore I have a vision of someone taking my hand as I walk with them. Sometimes in my dreams I am so weary that I have to rest my head on their shoulders as they walk with me by the hand. It’s never the same person who I see, but like the disciples on the beach I recognise the repetition of the actions and the faithful return of the image, and I sit up and say it is the Lord!!  
We take the Lord’s love with us in everything that we do by covering ourselves in Jesus Christ. We take on his example for us and strive to live in a way that reflects his grace, his love, his peace on everyone we meet. We clothe ourselves in Christ like our favourite jacket keeping us warm. We start the day and leave our house with our coat on and we should do exactly the same with Jesus Christ. We put on his armour of light and lay aside the darkness that is around us. Like that low hanging sunset which filled the streets with golden light, we bathe the world in the light of Jesus. The light he gives us helps us to see clearly, and even when we are dazzled he stretches out his hand to guide us, to keep us moving on a lifelong journey with a deep friendship that will never leave us.