Dripping from the honeycomb

I adore the psalms. They form the foundation of my prayer life. I enjoy seeing the regular words of each as I cycle through the weeks. Week 4 in my breviary is a particular favourite week of mine.

When I saw the words in the lectionary this morning of psalm 19 the image of dripping honey caught my attention.

There is something moreish and satisfying about seeing something sweet drip, like golden syrup when you make brownies, or honey on your cereal. You just want to stick your finger under it, put it your mouth, and taste it. (Or this could be just me!)

I feel that the psalms are like this, they drip words about God that make us want to come back again and again. Even when the words are challenging, they glisten and we want to be fed more and more.

Another of my favourite lines in the psalms is “O taste and see that the Lord is good” – another image of the dripping honeycomb, and the scrolls that taste sweet in the mouth.

The word and promise of the Lord is sweet and good, it is moreish and irresistible, it glistens in the sun, it drips and moves slowly, calling us to have patience as we receive it – let it move across the tongue awakening the tastebuds and the spreading of joy around the body.

This is the sweetness of lent. In the stripped back nature of this season, and if you like I have given up sweet foods, remember to feed on His word and promise, dripping from the honeycomb, O taste and see that the Lord is good.

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