Set my bow in the clouds

I have been reminded this week of the promise of love and how powerful that is. I have spoken the words “you are my son, the beloved, with you I am well pleased” so many times this week. In my sermon today, in the lovely care home service through the week. I feel it is something that we all need to hear.

One of the best pieces of advice I gained from theological college was that we might hear something and take it into our mind, but it is a long journey for it to get to the heart.

I’ve realised how true this can be. How hard it can be sometimes to just sit in love and realise that it is for us.

The reading for today’s Eucharist are beautifully linked by the power of water and God’s love. It reminded me of one night where I saw a rainbow around the moon, a moonbow so to say. A brilliant multicoloured halo of light shining brightly like nothing I had seen before.

This made me think that if we treated each proclamation of love as something we had never seen before, perhaps we would realise how special and beautiful it is – and that our hearts would start to listen!

I often wonder if there was a rainbow seen in the spray of water that came off Jesus when He was Baptised. And that same possibility which happened to us on our Baptism, a new life in Jesus sealed by the bow of promise, of love wrapped around us.

Whatever we think, it is a good day to think about that promise of love set over us, you are my son, my daughter, with you I am well pleased.

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