He will say, here I am

Over the past few days I’ve been reminded that it is actually ok to know that God loves me. My Spiritual Director who I adore reminded me of this fact this week. I realised how easy it is to slip into thoughts which tell us that we cannot possibly loved.

In the second lockdown I had this wild idea to put a pond in the garden. I had never done such a thing before but somehow knew that I could do it. So I bought a liner, and set to digging a hole. Anyway in that afternoon the pond was put in – it is only a small thing.

I realised that if I had the confidence to dig up my lawn, to make this hard to disguise hole, why on earth did I not allow myself to dig deep within myself daily and fill inside of me with God’s love?

I had got stuck in a trap thinking that I had to do so many things to make sure that God would love me. If worked more and more, if I continued to take on the lockdowns with a smile, if I didn’t complain…. etc etc

However, to just stop, and call out to Him, to ask for help to see clearly His love, and there just waiting, in the stillness and silence there He was – “Here I am.”

Today, just stop and remind yourself of the most simple truth, that God loves you and that is that. Suddenly all is possible – even putting in a pond.

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