Return to me with all your heart

I go walking with my children at around 4pm every day. This way we can watch the sun start to set and see the landscape start to move under the changing light.

Yesterday it was hazy but the sky did it’s usual dance. We found a new bit of stream to discover and on our way back up from a particularly fun stream-bank jumping session, my youngest daughter spotted a bird swooping over the grass.

We are big nature fans and soon she announced that it was in fact a barn owl. She was correct and there it was with its creamy wide soft wings swooping up and down through the long grass.

It was such a beautiful thing to watch. Especially on the eve of the season of Lent that we step into today.

I’ve always seen Ash Wednesday as the start of an unknown journey where have to turn to the Lord, to know where we are going. The cross on the forehead, or the sprinkling of ashes is the road map for the heart, the direction of where we are now heading. But what we encounter on that journey is for God to will for us.

Like the barn owl that we were blessed to see yesterday, we will be amazed at what He can show us over these Lenten days as long as we can open our hearts up to receive. The hollowing out of our hearts through self denial makes room for His love to dwell.

I pray that the Holy Spirit may swoop in like the barn owl and fill us with the Father’s will for us, that we can imitate the journey that Jesus took for us and by doing so know Him deeper and fuller.

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