Sighs too deep for words

There are many situations where words become hollow. Where we feel like we have to say something either for the sake of it or because we feel like we need to do something in that moment.

Today is a day where in prayer I can only read the words on the pages of my breviary and let them do the talking.

This is the beauty of the psalms, they speak the rawness of humanity, they vocalise the suffering, the anguish, the disorientation that we all feel at this moment.

I feel this as I read Psalm 102 which encapsulates the feelings of isolation:

“I have become like a pelican in the wilderness, like an owl in desolate places, I lie awake and I moan, like some lonely bird on a roof”

When there are sighs too deep for words we can take courage that the Spirit intercedes, the Spirit knows our hearts, and helps us say yes to continue pressing forward in our weakness.

I commend to you and to myself to keep going.

Keep turning the pages of the daily offices, keep using the prayer apps, keep up the Lenten reading and fasts, because if we don’t have the words, the Saints and the whole company of heaven and our Blessed Mother Mary have gone before us and said them.

On the eve of the Annunciation let us say yes to facing the spiritual challenges we face through lack of public worship and Mass, let us take courage from the example of Mary, the woman who in the face of a seemingly impossible task said yes to God.


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