Started on his way

I awoke early this morning not knowing really how to feel. Everything is different. No early morning train to catch to college. No school runs. No plans made for the day. My diary is empty yet my mind is full.

Somehow in all of this we have to find our way. A new way of daily living one that breathes into the fog of disorientation. Somehow we need to absorb the information we have heard, trust in it, and keep moving forward.

Today’s Gospel speaks of a man who believed what had been spoken to him and started on his way.

This a structure for us right now.

We believe the words of hope that Jesus speaks to us and we listen and start out on our way.

This new way might look different.

This new way might feel different but we are moving on the way together even though apart.

I wept yesterday listening to Archbishop Welby’s morning prayer on Radio4.

I wept watching an online stream of the Mass.

My heart is heavy with the loss of public worship for us all, yet I made to the end of these services and felt reconciled to this new way.

On this strange start to a week of increasing change and anxiety, let us start on our way of hope together.

The man believed the word that Jesus spoke to him and started on his way.


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