Hope is a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul

The road next to my house is very busy. It is a constant stream, like trickling water, but instead a roar of tyres of various speeds flowing at all hours.

When I woke yesterday morning there was a strange stillness. The road was quiet. I checked my phone and it was indeed the right time to get up. I looked outside beyond the beginning to bud branches of the trees and the road was empty.

I questioned myself about why the sound of the cars was in some way comforting.

Was it because they signalled the normality of life?

Was it because I could pin point the time of day to their presence?

I realised that small things anchor us down into the lives we lead. We rely on little things to keep us going and with more and more changes happening over the coming days our little anchors of stability could change. As these things disappear we could feel like we are bobbing around against the tide.

In the Hebrews reading this morning we are told that “hope is a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul.” Hope is the anchor that goes down to the deepest depths of the river bed of our heart.

This hope is not an idealistic or unrealistic hope. This is not head-in-the-sand hope. This is hope that cries out in the pain and disorientation of the situation we are all living in. This is the hope that weeps in compassion. This is the hope that holds on until the final breath on the cross. Jesus is the hope we carry as Christians inside of us, wherever we go, whatever we do, whatever happens.

When we begin to feel lost in the tide, let us remember our anchor of our soul, the sure and steadfast hope of Jesus who has gone before us. He will guide and sure us as we journey together as a Church without public worship.

Pray in the knowledge that the rough waters will not separate us. We have this hope, a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul.


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