I am he, the one who is speaking to you

Today’s gospel is the reason why I named this blog “sitting at the well”. When I was thinking about how I would share my thoughts and writings, I had a vision of sitting at the well with Jesus, just like the Samaritan women did. 

I often think about that moment that they met. I think of all the different emotions that were felt as they spoke. I believe that not only was the woman transformed by their meeting but Jesus also took away learnings about human ways and feelings. There is such a powerful emotional connection to our Lord, he burns with love inside of us because he knows exactly how that feels. He knows the agony of when we are lost and on our knees, and he feels the joy and love that we feel through community and friendship. 

I keep thinking about my meeting with Jesus at the well. He would tell me about my life and I would squirm uncomfortably, but then we would talk in the sunshine. The water would shimmer in the well, the birds would sing from their branches. I think about him taking my hand and twirling me around in dance, I love thinking about him as the “Lord of the dance” how he would share our joy through music and movement. There’s a intimacy about dancing, you have to move together, you have to work together to keep up the flow and movement. This is why I love the idea of dancing with our Lord, because we have to move with his leadership but he also likes to see what we can do with his guidance too. 

Dancing around the well bends the gospel story a bit, but it’s the encounter that changes us, even if we sat there too scared to talk and nothing comes out of mouths, Jesus waits patiently for us waiting to offer him a drink, inviting him into our lives, breaking down the barriers and boundaries around us so we can sit and eat with him in his kingdom one day. 

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