All my fresh springs are in you 

I love being by water. It doesn’t matter if it is the sea, a lake, a stream, or a pool, water has always fascinated me and brought me great joy. As a child I would annoy my parents with my need to always be in the pool if we went on holiday. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left I would spend as much time in the water as possible. I think my love of water was due to the feeling of excitement and freedom I felt as I floated and swam. Although I don’t get much time to swim, my love of water has stayed with me as an adult, my favourite place to go is the Lake District where the water can be as still as a mirror. There are times where I have stood at the edge of ullswater lake and seen a near perfect reflection of the dramatic hills that line the shores. It really is breath taking and I find it amazing that all the little streams of water that cascade down the hills come together and form such beautiful pools. 

Reading the psalm today the last line “All my fresh springs are in you” stuck into my mind. It made me think about the feeling of excitement of doing something new, or finding out a new skill, or meeting a new friend, or having fun at church. I thought about how these small experiences trickle down like the streams, into a larger pool of joy, one that sustains us and fills us so that we become full like the glassy lake, a reflection of God’s love outpoured to those around us. 

These “fresh springs” that we experience are from God, his love and forgiveness filling us. When we draw close and sit at his feet, we realise that all good things come from him and we are revitalised by the fresh springs of his life giving water. 

Sometimes we find it hard to recognise God’s hand in the things we do and experience, and we find it hard to stop and say thank you. Today is Shrove Tuesday, famous for pancakes but also an opportunity for penitence, an opportunity to say sorry to God. I have had experiences that have been wonderful and it hasn’t been until later on when my eyes suddenly focus and I jump back and say “it is the lord!” 

Let’s take this opportunity to think about those times we didn’t recognise him and lift it up in prayer today. Let us keep our eyes open as we walk together through lent and let us be nourished and sustained by his life giving water so we can open our hearts and truly say “All my fresh springs are in you.” 

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