Today’s trouble is enough for today

Our curate this morning asked if we took our worries to God before worrying about it all ourselves. I though this was interesting as I always feel a little silly telling God how much I need my family car, or money to eat with or a new tumble dryer. I mean, does God care about my tumble dryer? Does he know what it does? Has he seen me trying to dry seven lots of clothes on the radiators with a smile on my face. I’ve not been angry about the lack of drying facilities, it’s just one of those things. 

But when the house is quiet and I draw close to my Lord, I whisper into his ear my worries. I imagine sitting with him on my sofa as I lean into him feeling soothed by his presence. I thank him for keeping us sustained, because I know without his support we would certainly be in a much worse position. I thank him for giving me the wisdom to be able to think through problems calmly without getting upset or overwhelmed.

He knows my thoughts, he knows his plans for me. But does he know about the tumble dryer? 

I continued to try and not think about the piles of clothes and just got on with it. I asked my mother to help dry some towels, but she struggled for time. So the towels are piling up, the boiler is older than my eldest child. Anyway I keep going and keeping a wary eye on the boiler pleading it keeps going, praying that these seemingly trivial things blow over. 

At one point, after praying, my brain questioned my logic, “have you just asked God, creator of heaven and earth, the alpha and omega, for help with drying your washing……..?” 


But that’s our God, he listens to all our worries. In the Gospel set for today, we are loved so deeply that we are told that worrying is unnecessary. That worrying over clothing is not needed as God clothes his creations with his own hand. This gospel reading is timely indeed, as on Thursday my lovely Aunt rang me to say she’d bought me a new tumble dryer. I was gobsmacked by her generosity and by her love for us. She said she didn’t want to see us struggle, that I didn’t need the extra stress of worrying about drying the clothes, that we needed help that she was happy to be a part of. 

This is our God, these are the worries that Jesus felt in his human life, he has felt our anxiety, our stresses, our emotions and our pain. His provision is more than a physical thing (like my tumble dryer) it’s about taking the burden from us to let us keep moving forward. To keep us sustained whilst walking this Christian life that we have chosen to journey with our Lord. 

Praying about our worries to our God is necessary, he sees past the physical, he sees into our souls and that is where we find our peace, where we find his peace and his endless love for us. 

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