You showed me and I followed and there, as you had said, was my answer. 

You always keep to your word and in my moment of brokenness I was aglow in your grace.

Surely how can I mean that much to you that you spend your glory on a speck of dust like I.

Yet here you were wiping my tears again telling me I would be ok because you were there.

And in that moment I knew, I knew I could do anything you asked me to do, not because of my own strength but because of yours.

Those days of fearfulness are much less frequent as I know deep in my cracked and scared heart that you will not leave me. 

I have felt your provision, your grace landing on me like the softness of a butterfly’s wings.

Oh lord how do I deserve your time? Why did you call me from the pit? Am I but one of a million sparrows in your tree? But how grateful I am Lord to even feel your fire in my heart.

You saved me Lord, I am reborn and transformed by your grace.

You blow into my soul with tongues of flames, your word dances into my ears my skin awash with prickles.

Your calling awakens every sense and instinct that I have.

But with that strength comes trembling and fearfulness.

I have gazed on you from behind a stone in my dreams, how fearful I was to glance your way, such bright light, such radiance! 

Just a second I stole of your perfect image, how can I lift my face to your glory!

You have clothed me in my dreams, you have taken my hand. I have sat at your feet and clung to your robes like a child.

Every day I praise you Lord and I vow to serve you until the last breath in my body calls your name.

I was the dust at the bottom of the pit, but you stooped down and wrote in me, my sins were forgiven and I rose again, reborn in your eternal grace.

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