and under his wings you will find refuge

I’m an avid follower of BBC Springwatch, today I was watching one of their live cameras with bated breath as one of the sparrowhawk chicks was breaking out of its egg. What a wonderful sight it was, watching this tiny fluffy exhausted chick wriggling around his fellow unhatched siblings in the nest. The nest was unattended but the chick’s parents weren’t far away, they were sharing a meal and soon she landed ever so delecately back on the next and embraced the chick with her beautiful warm feathers.

This week has been a terrible week for news, so much death, so much hatred, yet this morning in a small nest life was beginning, bursting from its speckled tomb. As I circled my thoughts in prayer on the joy of the emergence of the chick and the terrible shocking news reports, I began to think about that light which pours in during these darkest times. Like the chick covered in the darkness of the shell we too are covered by the darkness of the times that are happening before us. Soon we will begin to see a light, a glimmer of hope which raises us up and we move closer towards it, we follow and see that the light, the hope becomes bigger, soon there is more light than dark and from this shell we emerge under the warm and loving wings of our God.

Our hope, that light, is our determination to make our world a better place, to love our neighbour, to help the sick, the poor, the lonely, the isolated. Christ in us is our hope and glory, who renews our strength when there seems to be no way out and we are exhausted. The Holy Spirit lifts us and directs us inflating our wings to soar high. But when the wind is low, and the storms are growing, we return to our nests and take refuge under our Heavenly Father’s wings. There we wait until we see the light again, a light that never goes out, one which invites us to peak out from the feathers and once again feel the wind in our wings.

“He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge.” (Psalm 91:4)

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