I have hidden your word in my heart

We had to create something to show our faith journey for the last session of Foundations for ministry. Here is a poem I wrote and read out, full of emotion and hot tears. The title is scripture that has been whispered to me recently during prayer asking for forgiveness and guidance. This course has been such a blessing, God continues to surprise me with unconditional relentless love.

I have hidden your word in my heart

You were always there when I was small, when life was tough, you heard my call.

Through careless comments and ridicule, you wiped my tears, you were my fuel.

A lonely childhood filled with pain, you held me close, sheltered from the rain.

You told me to cherish my soul, I felt loved, even when I wasn’t whole.

In my heart you’d whisper words, supportive, guiding, graceful like birds.

In dreams you saved me from the darkness, showing me where, my gifts were harnessed.

Into your church I finally came, my heart wide open, full of shame.

I poured out my sins, I turned to Christ, you asked me to tell others of my strife.

Waving palm leaves, My heart aflame, filled with joy you called my name.

Really Lord is it I? You must be mistaken, have another try.

Reaching out in my dreams, I touched my collar, my heart exploded in sunbeams.

Yes lord I hear you twice, I will serve, I will give you my life.

Communions, services, courses too, Making tea, sweeping the floor through.

Be a warden, no Lord not I, There must be some other guy.

Fill the form you say, I’ll show you the stave, I’ll give to you my eyes ablaze.

Moving quickly I’m calling you, trust in me, my journey is true.

Catching my breath, bleary eyed, I’ll follow Lord be my guide.

I’ll drink your water flowing, Pierced from your loving side.

Deacon you say, all robed in white, I’ll serve you Lord, hold me tight.

At your feet my tears do flow, Overwhelmed by your love, the worst of me you know.

I don’t have much Lord take me as I am, I owe everything I have, to you the lamb.

The father, the son, the Holy Ghost, trinity surround me, hold me close.

Your word is hidden in my heart, You’ve always been there for me, right from the start.

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