This is the outline for celebrating Candlemas that I wrote for our family service. The drama is a shadow play based on the reading Luke 2:22-40. We used a projector and a large white sheet with the children acting behind. Unfortunately the weather was terrible so we couldn’t walk outside, but we led a procession inside our church and it was lovely.


Today our session is about candlemas and this evening we are celebrating a special occasion in Jesus’ life, which was his first visit to the temple, forty days after his birth.
We are doing things a little different tonight, we will be doing the craft now and then moving into church. 

We need two groups. One to practice a shadow drama to show the story in the church and another to decorate the candle holders.

Give out scene ideas to the acting group

Give out narration to adults 

Go into church 

Confession then drama 


So we’ve heard the story of Christ’s presentation in the temple, we celebrate candlemas because it is all about light and enlightenment. To help us think about this, we’re going to remind ourselves what it’s like to be left in the dark.

Turn lights off.

It’s tricky walking in the dark, what we really need is a light to illuminate the path.

Light the candles one by one.

Notice how it easier to see in front you now all the candles are lit.

Jesus is described as the light of the world and in today’s story Simeon calls him “a light of revelation” 

Jesus’ light helps us to see clearly and shows us the way forward, freeing us from the darkness.

Jesus throughout his ministry set people free from things that made their lives hard.

Even as a baby, Jesus was bringing hope, peace, and revealing the light of God’s love to those around him.

God’s revelation to us, a glimpse of how awesome his love is for us, is an invitation for us to be friends with him, to start a journey to him, following the light given by his son.

Let’s bring the light of Jesus from inside our church out into the community. Let’s light our candles and walk around the church thinking about those who we want to ask God’s blessing for.

Outside prayer

Heavenly Father,

We ask for your blessing on our candles.

May you bless our local community 

As we spread the light of Candlemas tonight,

In Jesus’ name


Inside prayers

Heavenly Father,

Simeon called Jesus a light to bring light to the Gentiles. We pray that the light of love, which shone through the the life of your son, may bring light to every nation.

Lord in your mercy

Hear our prayer

Anna worshipped faithfully in the temple day by day. We pray that the life of your church may be centred on faithful worship.

Lord in your mercy

Hear our prayer

Lord Jesus we pray that your light will shine onto those who are shadowed by fear, illness, poverty, and sadness, bring your loving glow to our friends, family, and our neighbours.

Lord in your mercy

Hear our prayer 
Read the prayer sheet with written prayer requests


Almighty and ever-living God,

clothed in majesty,

whose beloved Son was this day

presented in theTemple,

in substance of our flesh:

grant that we may be presented to you

with pure and clean hearts,

by your son Jesus Christ our Lord,

who is alive and reigns with you,

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, now and for ever.


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