Walking with God, with friends 

God has blessed me with some wonderful friends on my journey. As I follow Jesus, people join me on my path and we walk together, sometimes we keep walking, sometimes they drop off and follow their own paths.

One friendship has been and is a wonderful gift, God brought us together with similar stories, similar concerns, but with a common ground of hearing his call.

I can’t begin to explain the joy that is felt when we share stories of our faith. It reminds me of when Mary visited Elizabeth, and Elizabeth is joyfully filled with the Holy Spirit.

My heart skips with excitement and my skin tingles from head to toe when we discuss how God is working in each of us. Even when we are going about our daily lives, our Heavenly Father still brings us together through experiences that we share apart.

I have been feeling a little scared about the reality of my call to ministry. A shock moment showing the almighty power of God in a visual realisation of Jesus’s sacrifice for all of us, left me shaking at the knees. How can I serve the Lord, I am nothing special. What if I’ve got it all wrong and it’s all in my mind, and why on earth would God want me?????

But here I was, sat in my course, with this written list of my gifts that I had collected from my friends. Was this really me they were talking about? My lovely friend was there, she helped me realise that I do have the gifts that others can see, my fear of serving started to turn into excitement. We stood together at the library for reading inspiration, stumbling over a book that looked deeply into the sacrifice of Jesus, a step closer to understanding how feeling broken brings us closer to Christ, and being closer to Christ is nothing to fear. There were two copies of the same book, God once again bringing us together for learning and support.

This evening I spoke of my calling with excitement and joy for the first time. I didn’t feel scared, I didn’t feel restricted. For the first time my vocalisation of my own admission of following Christ’s call came with a smile on my face and it felt nothing shorter than elation. 

Is God possibly calling me to ordination? Yes I think he is.
Do I want to be ordained? Yes, more than I had ever realised.


2 thoughts on “Walking with God, with friends 

  1. Umm just wrote this:
    Letting go – I’m struggling Lord

    Open my eyes, wider Lord
    Unveiling my nakedness: broken in me
    Welcoming arms stand before
    Your gift of love betrothed to thee

    Open my ears, louder Lord
    My precious name I heard you call
    It is I now who stands before
    You hold my hand so I don’t fall

    Open my mouth, gently Lord
    My heart whispers and I can see
    Letting go, we hear before
    The gifts clothed serving you from me

    Thank you Amy x


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