Quiet time at Church

We’ve opened the church for two extra days during Advent, I thought it would be a great idea to set aside some time to be still with our Heavenly Father.

I led the session last Thursday with a mixture of excitement and nerves. I often think when I step outside the congregation, and tiptoe at the edge of Ministry, that I am trying to fill shoes that are far too big for me, yet I have trust in the unquenchable motivation God provides for me. 

Here is the session I wrote for last week, Readings are in NIV.

Advent: week 1 – session 2

Psalm 25

1 Peter 3:8-22

In this first week of Advent, we light the first candle to signify the hope that the light of God brings to us.
God provides the hope that darkness can be penetrated by light. That even in the darkest situations, God is present, God is the dazzle in the darkness.

Read: Psalm 25

I’d like you to think about this passage from the Psalm

“because my hope, Lord, is in you.”

Place your hands on to your knees with your palms facing down

Close your eyes and think about what you have hoped for recently

Turn your palms upwards, imagine you are laying your hopes into your hands as you raise your thoughts to our Lord.

Think about the hope that God gives to us, that he gave to us in the form of his son.

His son Jesus Christ that suffered for our sins, to bring hope to us that we can be forgiven and rise to glory with him in eternal life.

Turn your palms downwards on your knees


God with me lying down

God with me rising up

God with me in each ray of light

Nor I a ray of joy without him

Nor one ray without him

Christ with me sleeping

Christ with me waking

Christ with me watching

Every day and night

Every day and night

God with me protecting

The Lord with directing

The spirit with me strengthening 

For ever and for evermore

Ever and evermore amen. 

– Carmina Gadelica

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