Ringing of the bells

Rest is certainly a luxury in my house, so when I got the opportunity to escape to the Lake District for a weekend, I was understandably excited to go.

The weather was unfortunately cold, wet, and miserable, but as I always say, that’s what baths, washing machines and hot fires are for!

My husband and I were heading back to Ambleside pier to catch our boat back to Bowness and we stumbled past the ruins of a Roman fort. It was raining but we squelched our way through the wet grass to look at the scene.

The rain stopped and suddenly there was a gorgeous continuous ringing of church bells, it was a glorious sound increasing with volume as the wind blew. It took me aback, everywhere was silent apart from the bells.

The clouds began to break, and the sun pierced through in strong straight rays of light, pouring a concentrated spotlight onto the multicoloured ground.

To our left was the edge of the lake, the water was so still and very gently lapping near the straw coloured long grass. I took a photo and to our surprise we saw a pair of wild deer grazing. 

God’s creations in their finest, I wished I could breathe in the experience, my eyes and my ears were full of wonder for the beauty around me. I noticed the bells had lulled and rain began to fall, I felt the drops land onto my face, such refreshment and peace with every splash.

Suddenly the bells began their chorus again through the thick drizzly air, once again the sun began to break through, and in the sky was the most beautiful rainbow. The colours were unbelievably vibrant, streaking across the dark grey sky, appearing like an encore, with my adoration as the round of applause.

I couldn’t help but sing the Gloria in my mind, whilst in my heart, and in my soul, I was dancing around in God’s glory to the sound of the church bells. 

What a memorable performance of nature’s amazing symphony, conducted by our Heavenly Father.

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